A. Rights and Obligation

  • The winning teams are obligated to join in the Tourism Bureau’s events (ex. post-competition forums and others) or promotional campaign about the competition (ex. press conference for announcement of awards), as well as the judging procedure, awards ceremony and media interview, while taking part in the assessment procedure of follow-up effects for two consecutive years.
  • Winning teams should provide necessary assistant should the Tourism Bureau need any help related to the team’s project, and provide at least once free media exposure or interview for the Tourism Bureau promotion event.
  • Winning teams are obliged to follow and support a two year regular check-up from Taiwan Tourism Bureau as well as Taipei Computer Association.
  • Contestants who wish to transfer the rights and obligations of this competition must submit the written consent of the entire team to the organizer and the TCA.

B. About Participating in the Competition

1. Online Application and Rights/Obligations of Contestants

  • By entering the competition, the teams agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. Any disputes that arise during the competition should be resolved by the organizer and the TCA.
  • Eligibility: 1-5 persons team up to join the competition (each member is required to fill out the application form online) and to submit copies of ID documentation. Teams from all over the world are welcome to join the competition.
  • There is no limitation on ages. If minors (under the age of 18) wish to join the competition, a consent agreement signed by their guardians/statutory agents is required and copies of ID documentation should be submitted.
  • The online application form can only be filled out in either English or Chinese. All the information provided by the contestants should be authentic. Using or stealing the third party’s personal information is not allowed. Should any dishonesty or fake information is found, the contestants or the winners will be disqualified. The teams will also be held responsible for compensations to the organizer and any other third-party should any damages are caused.
  • For the purposes of management of contestant information and application information, identity recognition during the competition, key dates/events notification, sending gifts, contacts for competition related information, as well as other administrative issues, the organizer and the TCA have the right to collect, manage and use personal information of all participating team members. To avoid failure in contacts, all the contestants should provide detailed and authentic personal information.
  • The person who is responsible for online application on behalf of the team should obtain the consent of other team members in order to provide their personal information to the organizer and the TCA.
  • In accordance with Article three of the Personal Information Protection Act, the following rights should be exercised by the party with regard to his personal information and should not be waived in advance or limited by a specific agreement, including any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information; any request to make duplications of the personal information; any request to supplement or correct the personal information; any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; and any request to delete the personal information. It is excluded from the Article should the information is retained by law, and the contestants will be held responsible if there are any damages to their rights of winning or receiving the prizes.
  • To keep a record on the competition, the organizer and the TCA will videotape or photograph during the pitch competition. By entering the competition, the teams confirm that they agree their portraits, names and voices in aforementioned videos or photographs can be used, edited, printed, displayed, promoted or made public for the purposes of writing the wrap-up report, tourism promotional campaigns, or incorporation into open data.

2. The Works

  • Participating teams may join in with the winning entries of any competitions, but should be stated in the beginning and updated/modified in accordance with the rules of this competition. Those who fail to do so will be disqualified and cannot continue the competition.
  • The entries should be an original work and the contestants should abide by relevant regulations on copy rights, patents, trademarks, portrait rights, privacy, and personal information protection laws. No plagiarism, counterfeiting, or infringements against others’ rights in any kinds are allowed. If any aforementioned conditions found by the organizer, it has the right to remove relevant content immediately and the contestant will be stopped from taking part in the competition and disqualified on winning any prizes. Contestants will be held responsible for possible legal consequences.
  • Participating teams should make sure the video URL or the download link of APP is available for the review by the TCA before online selection.
  • The organizer has the right to publish, distribute via websites and media outlets, or use the winning works in promotional campaigns to highlight the competition’s achievements.

3. The Prizes

  • Should there are no appropriate winning entries for any particular prize, the organizer reserve the power to make necessary adjustments to the prizes, the number of prizes, or grant no prize.
  • The division of work or rights/obligations (acceptance and distribution of the prize money) should be decided by the team, and the organizer or the TCA has nothing to do with it.
  • The specific recipient specified on the registration form should be accepting the prize money on behalf of the team. If the recipient cannot accept the prize, the team members should sign an agreement to show their consent to switch the recipient. The agreement should be sent to the TCA before the prize acceptance deadline.
  • The recipient shall pay the tax money in accordance with the taxation regulation of Taiwan (R.O.C). Without filling out and submitting relevant forms appropriately (ex. the prize acceptance form), the prize money will not be granted. Failing to submit the forms might be considered as giving up the prize in some cases.

>>The prize and prize money that exceed NT$ 1,000 will be considered as income, and required to claim it while filing the income tax return.

>>The prize and prize money that exceed NT$ 20,000 (or more) will be taxed 10% for the nationals of Taiwan, and 20% for foreign contestants.

4. Others

  • Those who have applied to join the competition should abide by the terms and conditions. Any violations might cause the TCA, along with the organized to take necessary legal actions. If the violations are proved to be true after legal investigation, announcements will be made to state that the contestants or the winners are disqualified, and the prizes and prize money should be returned. The winning teams will also be held responsible for compensations to the organizer and the TCA should any damages are caused.
  • The interpretation and suitability of the consent form to join the competition, and any relevant disputes that arise will be handled in accordance with the regulations of the R.O.C, and the Taipei District Court will be the trial court.
  • The organizer and the TCA reserve the rights to amend the terms at its sole discretion, by posting updated terms on the website.